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You have a Guardian Angel in the computer field!
Carrie Kruger, Owner
22802 County Road 453
Bovey MN 55709


  • Training
    Because I make housecalls, we sit at your computer with your software and make sure that everything works as it should. This eliminates the frustration that comes when something is a little different at your home or office. If tax time is a real pain in the neck consider software that can help. I can help you set up and use QuickBooks, set up spreadsheets, create mailing lists, do research and set up custom software.
  • Troubleshooting
    Computer systems are complicated these days. Sometimes you need to work with multiple software companies, support located all over the world, programs and hardware that don't "play well" together. It can be too much. I can help you muddle through all of the garbage and finger-pointing and help get down to fixing problems. I will help you document your systems so that troubleshooting is not such a difficult task.
  • Custom Programming
    Sometimes you need a custom program to run your business. The advantage to having a system custom built is that you have control over how it looks and behaves. You have input in the creation and the way the program functions. I specialize in web-based database systems. I also have many years experience with Microsoft Access and integrating systems. I can help you pull data, import and export from one system to another, do data conversions. Whatever your needs are, I always include a free consultation to let you know if I am the person to help.
  • Website Development
    Websites give you a voice even when you are not in the office. More and more customers are visiting websites to learn about you before they even consider doing business. I have many years experience developing websites and have recently returned to school to learn more. I am currently enrolled in the University of Phoenix working on a second Bachelor's Degree in this area. These new skills will help you to develop the perfect site.
  • Computer Support
    If your computer is broken, misbehaving, infected with a virus, or just confusing you I can help! If you need networking set up, computers installed, software installed and supported, maintenance or cleaning, give me a call!
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Computers, hardware and software don't need to be frustrating...

Carrie Kruger is your Guardian Angel! If you are a home computer user or a small business owner in the Bovey MN area, you have a Guardian Angel! Carrie has been working the computer field for over 30 years and brings friendly personality to your site to help you. If you need help, call 259-HELP!

You will find experience when you call. Carrie Kruger has been working in the computer field since 1979. She is experienced in networking support, computer programming, web design and training. Because she has worked her way up through the ranks she knows how it feels to be frustrated with learning new software and dealing with problems. You will get no nonsense solutions and friendly help!

I make housecalls!

Sure!  I make housecalls! Sometimes it is best if you can work in your environment, on your equipment with your hardware and software. Housecalls are not just a thing of the past! Great rates too!

A Guardian Angel Philosophy

We are all trying to make a living. We need to have customers and make a few bucks along the way. I believe it is possible to be nice and to make a living. Because of my many years working with computers, I may have a solution for you and your business that you have not even considered. Maybe you are a home user and just want your computer to run well enough to receive those precious emails from friends and family.

Things are looking up!

Classes coming soon... Call 259-HELP to reach your Guardian Angel! Classes are currently being planned for August. These will be hands on and will offer training even after class is over. Intriguing, huh? Watch the site for more!

Current Resume

I am a Phoenix!
I am a student of the University of Phoenix online. It has proven to be a very valuable experience. Working online in teams has been both frustraing and rewarding. Working with other students from all over the world will help me learn new skills to help you more!
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Guardian Angel Computer Service, LLC
22802 County Road 453
Bovey, MN 55709